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Are you still reeling from last night’s episode? So many surprises and so much carnage! Christopher Reed who plays Filthy Phil and Walter Wong who plays V-Lin were gracious enough to let us hang out with them on their last day on set. Enjoy the memories of two of our favorite former prospects/members. R.I.P. Filthy Phil and V-Lin.

Farewell to Arms… from Samcro Blogger on Vimeo.

Stay tuned to next week’s explosive episode, will their be any repercussions from all the violence? Did they all die in vain? And than after the show tune into Anarchy Afterword with host Chris Franjola, celebrity guest Retta, Kurt Sutter, Theo Rossi and Tommy Flanagan as they talk about the season high octane drama. Don’t miss it!

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Want to learn the proper way to style a working girl? Check-in with the SOA wardrobe crew and discover the secrets.

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Get behind the scenes with Deputy Caine (LaMonica Garrett) and Deputy Eglee (Marya Delver) as they give us a unique and raw look at the shenanigans that unfold at the San Joaquin Sheriffs Department. Enjoy and take a bite out of crime! -Samcro Blogger

Welcome to the San Joaquin Sheriffs Office! from Samcro Blogger on Vimeo.

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Recently we sat down with property manager Bryan Rodgers who has been with Sons of Anarchy since season one. Bryan discusses his favorite props and the most challenge items for Sons of Anarchy. Enjoy his trip down memory lane with five seasons of decapitated heads, limbs and praying hands. Enjoy! – Samcro Blogger

Props with Bryan Rodgers from Samcro Blogger on Vimeo.

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….And we’re back! Did you miss us? We certainly missed you but not as much as we miss the blistering heat of North Hollywood where we are our currently baking in as we type this. We took it upon ourselves to up the ante this year to make sure you SOA fans are involved in every aspect of this crazy upcoming season, it promises to be aghast! Our first blog entry is a toast to the mayhem of Comic Con 2013. Enjoy the chaos that surrounded the cast and the creativeness of our fans posters…

COMIC CON 2013 from Samcro Blogger on Vimeo.

Shameless plugging time for you SOA addicts make sure you follow us on twitter for all the behind the scenes action: @sonsofanarchy, give us a like on Facebook at and if you missed any of award winning blogs from last season check them out here:

Buckle your seat belts and grab your motorcycle helmets and enjoy the ride of season 6!


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Greetings SOA fans! As we wrap-up on Season 5 of Sons of Anarchy, we wanted to share with you some of our memorable blog bloopers and show you some sights and sounds from our crew appreciation day. Every year Kurt Sutter has food catered in and raffles off gifts to the crew to say “thank you” for all the hard work they have done. We are so blessed to have such an incredible crew, wonderful cast and amazing fans. While the show is on hiatus, follow Kurt Sutter @sutterink and the official Sons of Anarchy @sonsofanarchy on twitter and like our Facebook page, for all updates while we ride into season 6.

Happy Holidays!- Samcro Blogger

Samcro Blogger Bloopers and Crew Appreciation Day from Samcro Blogger on Vimeo.

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We’ve saved one of the best blog videos for last! Check out our candid interview with the wonderful Ron Perlman. Also pay close attention to cameos from some of your favorite Sons of Anarchy stars! Enjoy!!- Samcro Blogger

Up Close and Personal with Ron Perlman from Samcro Blogger on Vimeo.

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