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Hello SAMCRO fans! I wanted to share with you a charity that is very close to the cast and crew’s heart, The Boot Campaign. The Boot Campaign is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to Cultivating Awareness, Promoting Patriotism, and Providing Assistance to military personnel, past and present, and their families. I recently sat down with the Boot Girl and Executive Director, Sherri Horton Reuland to talk about the charity and how the cast and crew Sons of Anarchy became involved. Enjoy! -SAMCRO Blogger

To learn more about the Boot Campaign go to:

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Man time flies when your having fun! What a cheery season this turned out to be, am I right?! I truly hope everyone has recovered from the finale, I’m not sure if I have but I’m ready to see what happens next season with Jax and Gemma, who’s with me? 2014 can’t come fast enough!

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In the meantime enjoy this video of the “best of” blog to get you in the holiday spirit. Happy Holidays!

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“May the light from above always lead you to love…”


WOW. I don’t know about you but that season finale left me speechless. “Tara”, played by the lovely and very talented Maggie Siff will be terribly missed. Below are some of Tara’s greatest moments from seasons one thru six.

“…May you stay in the arms of the angels.”

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Wow what a season this has been! I don’t know about you but I’m still reeling over the clubhouse explosion back in episode 605. In fact, I recently interviewed Sons of Anarchy Production Designer Anthony Medina who has been with us since the pilot and he discussed what it was like for him to lose our iconic set piece. Enjoy! -Samcro Blogger

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We recently sat down with the newly patched “Rat Boy” aka Niko Nicotera, find out what he has to say about his new responsibilities as a member and what’s it like to be a part of Sons of Anarchy.

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Trick-or-treat SOA Fans! The most common question we get around Halloween time is how to dress like Gemma, Jax or even Opie. Well this year we decided to show you a how to tutorial on how to dress like the Queen herself, Gemma. Enjoy and Happy Halloween!!

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“Shameless” star and uber celebrity SOA fan Steve Howey reflects on his guest star arc on Sons of Anarchy.

Take a look:

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Holy h-e-l-l! The clubhouse is gone!! Can you believe Kurt Sutter went there? We interviewed Special Effects Supervisor, Gary D’Amico to get the inside scoop on how it all went down. Enjoy!- Samcro Blogger

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Every year, Kurt Sutter throws an annual crew appreciation lunch for our entire cast and crew to thank them for all the hard work they put into the show. During our lunch, the cast auction off gifts purchased by Kurt to lucky crew members who have the golden raffle ticket. Some of the gifts include Disneyland passes, gift certificates, massages, ipod, pole dancing lessons (does that surprise you?) and of course awesome SOA swag! We wanted to share the experience of that day with our loyal fans, we hope you enjoy the video as much as we did.

PS: If you like the swag you saw in the video you can find those goodies and lots more at the FX Shop.

Oh and the “Gemma” jackets are simply fantastic.

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